Tai Chi is Not Just for World Tai Chi Day

Tai Chi is a mind, body, and energy wellness practice that you can take with you wherever you go. This gives you an internal source for accessing peace and balance in everyday life.

People from over 80 nations are joining in one global community to celebrate the benefits of Tai Chi practice. This annual event is held as a way to recognize how Tai Chi is helping to change the way we move and how we take care of our health.

The sense of harmony and wellness that is part of the Tai Chi experience begins to shift how we relate to ourselves and how we interact with our world. Life seems to get a little bit easier, and our outlook becomes a little bit brighter, each time we practice. Even those who are watching other people practicing Tai Chi can’t help but to feel the grace in motion and the peace that comes with it.

It is a tradition that has been passed down to me to give back to the community by holding open practices that help to introduce people to the transformative power of Tai Chi. I will be a part of this tradition along with teachers all over the world in bringing people together and supporting the health and happiness of all who attend.

Join with the world in celebration of community and health on Saturday 28th, 2018.


Andrew Barkworth