Sedona Yoga Festival 2018: Shift Your Perspective

February 8-11, 2018

Sedona is a beautiful location for over 200 classes, events, and workshops for this amazing Consciousness Conference. Meet teachers and attendees from all over the world who come to share in heartfelt personal transformation. Choose your own adventure with a wide range of classes from yoga, tai chi, chi kung, sound meditation, nature hikes, and more. Go for rest and restoration or for intense training to test your limits.

I am excited and honored to be sharing a new Tai Chi set for increasing your energy and an in depth look at Pushing the Sky chi kung at the Sedona Yoga Festival this year.

Treat yourself to an amazing experience in Sedona. All access, weekend, and day passes are available! Sign up and receive 11% off using OnPath.

Sedona Yoga Fest

See Live Broadcast

See the live broadcast for a glimpse if you can't make it.

Andrew Barkworth