Transformation Happens: The Sedona Yoga Festival 2018

The Sedona Yoga Festival brings thousands of people together for a life-changing experience. This event opens me up to new possibilities. The people that attend help to shape an uplifting experience.

I had the luck of teaching a class at the base of Cathedral Rock. Practicing outside while looking up at the mountain was so peaceful. One of my students felt a physical manifestation of his energy for the first time. He described it as a malleable ball between his hands. It was amazing seeing so many people having transformative experiences in front of my eyes.

A powerful moment for me was practicing yoga with challenging postures. I didn’t think I could make my body move in those ways. By the end I was standing on my head, if only for a second.

Taking time for ourselves is difficult in a hectic world, and the Sedona Yoga Festival helps us to make a minute for creating beautiful moments. Thousands of people came together, opened their hearts and minds, and left feeling energized and inspired. Transformation truly happens at the Sedona Yoga Festival.

I created a few energizing videos for the classes I taught at this year’s festival. You can see them here.


Andrew Barkworth