Unity Rising: 8th Global Gathering with Panache Desai

Celebrating Life, Love, and Connection
Pure joy and love, the feeling one gets upon entering the room.   Hearts open, minds awaken, and a journey is about to begin.  It’s a gathering that calls us into connection with our highest selves.  This is the fourth global gathering that I've been to; each one its own adventure and a celebration of life, love, and connection.

Vibrational Transformation awakens the Divine within
Panache Desai emanates intensity; it is soft, it is bright, it is love; it is the light of the Divine shining through.  He uses
Vibrational Transformation to awaken universal energy and consciousness in others.  Each of us carries this Divine spark of consciousness.   It must be awakened, it must be realized, and in doing so, Life takes on a whole new experience.  

Teaching Qi Gong at the Global Gathering was a great surprise!

Since 2010, I have learned so much from Panache’s teachings and energy transformation programs. This year Panache invited me to lead the group in qi gong practice for the Saturday and Sunday morning warm ups.  My deepest gratitude to Panache and to all who joined in the experience.  Qi Gong, Yoga, and other forms of movement and meditation help the body achieve health, the mind to calm, and energy to balance.  

Change your energy; Change your life
Universal, Divine energy is always present, always ready to show us more. As a human being, we can be clouded by “Reality” and the illusion that we are somehow separate from this “All” powerful source of love and light and from each other.  Society, culture, economics, and relationships directly influence how we relate to and perceive our world and lives.   For better or for worse, this dynamic shapes our decisions, thoughts, feelings, awareness, and energy.  The most direct path to improving
one’s life and state of being is through shifting our energy.

…So it’s going to be a Holy Smack Down weekend
The room is full and we are ready.  Panache begins by sharing cosmic energy; the room fills with a warm and tangible sensation.  He shares a message that we are all One.  The key is to remember the truth of our inherent divinity.  We only needs to let go of the illusion of separation and realize that we are all connected through this one Source.

So it’s going to be a Holy Smack Down weekend.  Panache is going to cut to the chase.  He announces that every session over the weekend is going to be a direct transmission of energy, calling it the holy smack down with a giggle.   He calls the catchers into place. Here comes the smack down.

The Holy Smack Down pulls universal energy into each person to facilitate a change in energy
Panache begins. He stands in front of each person one at a time, sometimes waving his hand, pointing his fingers, or lightly touching the heart or forehead, and then one by one we fall into the hands of a catcher. There is so much energy that it overrides our body for a moment and we fall into a state of deep connection, pure being, and joy. Everyone responds in a different way. The process is sometimes rainbows and butterflies; sometimes it can be challenging.  It can take time to integrate the energy. When the process is complete, we have all awakened into a higher state of vibration and awareness.

The Love A’Fair: A wonderful sharing of talents, gifts, love, and community
One of my favorite things about the gathering is the amazing community of people who share themselves and this experience with open hearts.  It is great to see friends I have come to know and make new friends.  At the “Love A’Fair”, everyone comes to together for an evening of giving the gift of their talents, services, and love with one another.  It’s like going to a fair, only the event booths are full of insight, healing, and growth instead of games and popcorn.  This year I shared energy sessions, a combination of qi gong and Reiki.  This helps to align, balance, and circulate qi flow which aids health, happiness, and life experience.  There is never enough time to see and experience it all. It was a joy to share and to receive. 

Divine energy; you can feel it, you can move it, It moves you.
There are many experiences along my journey that have defied sensibility; things that sound like make-believe and fantasy. Feeling and moving energy?  Affecting a physical form with energy? If I hadn’t experienced these things myself, I’d be stretched to believe it possible. The more we are connected to our truest selves and each other, the more the energy becomes part of our experience. It becomes tangible; and what we see is that behind the physical matter there is energy. Like Panache, we all can learn to share and express this power of the universe through love and energy transformation?  

Global Gathering 2017

Andrew Barkworth