Sedona Yoga Festival: Amazing

It’s another amazing year of the Sedona Yoga Festival, and just gets better and better. Nowhere have I experienced such a community of open minded, giving, and caring souls in one place. With so many amazing presenters and activities to choose from, it’s guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime.  Embark on a journey of growth, awakening, and wellness; the Sedona Yoga Festival lives up to its name as “A Consciousness   Evolution Conference”.

It was an honor and a joy to participate as a presenter once again.  The “Power of Chi” was a full class. Special thanks to the attendees for making it a powerful experience of energy cultivation & empowerment.  It is awesome to see people light up when they feel their energy awaken.  “ A Warrior’s Connection to the Earth” was a great hike to the Cathedral vortex with Iron body qi gong practice.

SYF is now available for live streaming and access to replay. Enjoy the Aumbase yoga studio online too! Marc & Heather Titus, co-founders of the SYF and Aumbase, pour their heart and soul into this offering to the world; you can feel the love and joy. Thank you Marc and Heather!


Andrew Barkworth